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The Wirral Badminton League are delighted to announce their new Chair as Dan Jackson. Dan takes over from former Chair Ivor Thomas and interim/acting Chair, Linda Smith. We interviewed Dan and first asked him how it felt to be the new Chair of the Wirral League..

“It is an honour to be the Chair of the Wirral Badminton League , an organisation that has been around for almost 100 years. I believe badminton is a brilliant sport which should be accessible for everyone and is the perfect indoor sport to keep us all moving over the Winter. I am taking over this role at a difficult time. The number of participants and clubs on the Wirral are falling rapidly due to a number of reasons and Covid recently severely reduced participation and many never returned. At a national level, the sport is not publicised very well and is rarely on television. Costs have increased due to the recent rise in energy costs and inflation and the decrease in more traditional, cheaper venues such as church halls so whilst I still believe clubs offer great value, it is no longer as cheap as it used to be.”

How did you start your badminton playing career?

“I started playing badminton when I was little in my gran’s garden with a small net tied between two bushes. I played for my secondary school where I was lucky enough to have a teacher with an interest in the sport and when old enough joined my dad at Port Sunlight Badminton Club improving as I got older until I could get a place in the team. After returning from university I have been a constant member of clubs in the Wirral Badminton League firstly at Port Sunlight, then the Oval and most recently Rock Ferry. I love playing and watching sport and actively play football and golf alongside badminton.”

What’s your vision for the Wirral League?

We need to cherish the clubs that are currently available on the Wirral and the members of those clubs. It is my mission to make competitive and social badminton accessible to all those who want to play on the Wirral, hopefully boost numbers at the clubs we have and ideally be able to welcome new clubs into the league. In short, my challenge is to help ensure that there is a thriving Wirral Badminton League in existence for my children to enjoy as much as I do.


Wirral Badminton League
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